It constitutes a valuable heritage of our Italy originated Caruso family, having resided for centuries on the Greek islands and becoming Karousos, to incorporate a touch of luxury to our traditional hospitality practices in the tourism sector.

PASSION FOR THE GUEST: Our customer-focused approach is based on attracting, retaining and deepening our relationships with the guests. Customer trust is our most valuable business asset and the foundation for our future growth.
EMPATHY: We have chosen to specialize within the hospitality industry by offering only experiences of exceptional quality. Our daily struggle is to delight our guests every time by creating engaging experiences straight from our heart.
INNOVATION: We create new ideas and implement them, favoring conservation and sustainability, optimizing what already exists and promoting luxury oriented proposals for services or procedures, which imply spiritual upliftment and peace of mind for our guests.
PROACTIVITY: We actively anticipate expectations to make things happen; we do it with responsible planning and decision making, aimed at offering rejuvenative and reinvigorative vacation experiences to our tenants.
ADAPTABILITY: We adapt our behavior in a diverse, flexible and fast way to people and needs of daily operations, with a correct understanding of changing scenarios within the focus of luxury provisions. Our scope of work aims to minimize the environmental impact of our actions, contributing to the preservation of nature.

The establishments to be the icon of traditional luxury in Pelion. To continue, as we do since 1985, to have satisfied our guests by exceeding their expectations of excellence, thanks to the potential, professionalism and vocation of our employees. Above all, to contribute to the community we live and work in, focusing on sustainable development and zero carbon footprint.

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