Kala Nera is a most beautiful beach village in the Pagasitikos Gulf, situated at the distance of 18 km from the town of Volos. This place can charm the visitor every period of the year. In summer time both the calm sea and the clean sand of the beach are a real challenge to those who love this way of life. Besides the pleasant swimming in the blue and clear sea water, there are many chances for everyone to practice his favorite sea, sports such as fishing, sailing, skiing, wind-surfing etc. Pagasitikos Gulf Boat Trip Cruise Kala Nera – Island Trikeri.
When the summer sun gets very hot hot and when the sea becomes tiring, then the plane-trees, the eucalyptus and the poplar – trees offer an agreeable coolness in their shadow. The flowing spring water of the village is always good and particularly digestive: this seems to be confirmed by the too many fountains all over the village.
On the other hand its name Kala Nera translated into Greek means “Good Waters” At noon it is very charming to combine the tasteful local food with the homemade wine and ouzo in one of the many restaurants, taverns situated along the beach. The choice quality and the variety of the dishes along with the prompt service can satisfy even the most rare desires of the guests. In the evening, you can either have a cool drink in one of the pubs or a very special ice-cream.
The sunset beams give the most beautiful colors to the calm sea level and the Pelion style, old fashioned traditional houses and their stone paved yards. This is the best picture of the village. At this time of the day you can enjoy many different things, you can walk along the seashore, you can take idyllic photos or do shopping.
Narrow picturesque paths cross the countryside to the north and lead to the nice and traditional villages of Milies and Vizitza both situated on the mountain Pelion, at the altitude of 400 meters over the sea level. In close proximity to Kala Nera there are other interesting villages also beautiful green and full of typical Pelion houses.
People who love long walks, love the nature, the peaceful rest and after all wish to join the Greek tradition, then it is sure they are looking for a place like Kala Nera. This location with its mild climate and weather in winter could easily become the main basis for those who want to visit and enjoy the mountain Pelion. If you make the decision to take your vacation or merely pay a visit, Kala Nera people will be ready to give you friendly warmth and good service all the year round.
Your visit or stay at Kala Nera is going to be unforgettable.

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